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Diversify your portfolio with six new ETFs from ANZ ETFS.

  • Exposure to Australian shares, US shares, gold or currencies
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  • Transparent
  • Cost efficient

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  • Award winning trading platform
  • Free independent research to make informed decisions
  • Trade on 11 international markets
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  • Access 11 major international stock exchanges
  • Transact and settle all your trades in Australian dollars
  • Trade in Australian and international shares all in the one place
  • View and track your global shares in My Portfolio

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Sym. Price Chg. Volume
TLS 6.19 0.04 arrow up 28.34m
SCG 3.81 0.01 arrow up 18.39m
AZJ 5.50 0.07 arrow up 18.03m
AIO 7.85 0.08 arrow up 16.37m
SYD 5.36 0.07 arrow up 12.55m
BHP 27.00 0.35 arrow up 8.54m
WBC 33.01 0.63 arrow up 8.03m
STO 8.27 0.23 arrow up 7.72m
WFD 9.35 0.07 arrow up 7.12m
TCL 9.86 0.14 arrow up 6.65m

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