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Westpac Capital Notes 3 Offer*

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Sym. Price Chg. Volume
S32 1.73 -0.06 arrow down 2.67m
FMG 1.83 -0.03 arrow down 2.01m
TLS 6.47 -0.02 arrow down 0.76m
IPL 3.63 0.01 arrow up 0.71m
RMD 7.92 -0.08 arrow down 0.59m
BHP 26.30 -0.15 arrow down 0.55m
HGG 6.10 0.16 arrow up 0.51m
ANZ 32.68 0.00 0.33m
STO 7.32 -0.09 arrow down 0.32m
NCM 11.03 -0.24 arrow down 0.31m

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