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Analyst Research


E*TRADE has a wide range of independent analyst research to help you make informed decisions on which stocks to trade.

Australian Shares

Latest research from our leading analysts

Company Name Date Recomm. Analyst
Ardent Leisure Group (AAD) 4 April 2016 Medium Buy
Chorus Limited (CNU) 17 June 2014 Avoid
XTD Limited (XTD) 4 April 2016 Spec Buy
News Title Date Analyst
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Our Analysts

Independent, long-term, value investing analysis on the Top 200 ASX listed companies and other selected opportunities.

Value based recommendations combining fundamental and technical analysis for the medium to long term investor.

Financial and reporting information on the Top 200 ASX listed companies. Over 30 years experience.

Quantitative, Fundamental and Technical Analysis coupled with risk management techniques, to select the opportunities we call 'stocks on the move' or the 'blue chips of tomorrow'.

Unrivalled Australian news coverage plus comprehensive and timely international news.

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^ References to specific securities are Morningstar's recommendations, and in no way reflects the position, view or opinion of E*TRADE Australia.
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